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About Tie Dye Express
Sometime in the mid 80's I became aware of procion dyes, a super-dye available to the general public. This led to our first and quite memorable tie dye party. The success of the first tie dye party led to an immediate flurry of more tie dye parties, and somewhat fuzzier memories. I would throw a tie dye party at the drop of a hat, nearly anywhere, for any reason. Birthdays, friends or family comin' to town, or leaving town, a welcome to the world party for the birth of my son Keenan, groundhogs day, whatever. Parties at my home, other peoples homes, at public parks, even once on a gravel bar, Sunday morning on a float trip! These eventually settled down into one big party a year, a tradition which still goes on today. (Well, not today, but early in August, for Jerry's birthday.) (Huh?!? Jerry Garcia, of course!)
After a several of these parties, a few things became quite clear. My memory wasn't necessarily one of those things, but I digress...Anyway, people loved to make tie dyes almost as much as they liked to wear them. Some people even like the making more than the wearing. These people make tie dyes for everyone they know and barely remember to keep one for themselves. Its great to be friends with one of those type of people.
So anyway, after about 10 years of playing around with the dyes and having parties, my older brother (who had become quite involved with the tie dye parties) and I flew to Ohio to drop in as a surprise on our younger brothers' tie dye 30th birthday party. While we were there, George, our step-dad who just absolutely loves tie dyeing and doesent wear anything else, gave us an idea. That idea was to take tie dye making on the road; tie dye for the masses. So Bill (that's my older brother) and I kicked the idea around then put together a massive setup for a make your own tie dye booth for craft shows.
For the past three years now we have done several shows a year with a very positive response at every craft show we attend. At one end of the booth we have a retail section where you can buy ready to wear tie dyes, and at the other end is our huge, one of a kind make your own tie dye section. People just love it. Kids from about 4 years old and up to grandparents find out they can create something to be proud of. I mean, it all starts out as fun, squirting colors and all, but that's just the start. Then they get to see, and be impressed by the shirt they made themselves. Then they get to hear over and over how cool it is, and can respond with a proud "I made it myself!!!" Its a huge self confidence boost; everyone likes to have their talent appreciated. Look at the faces of the people in the gallery in the 'satisfied customers' section. You can see that those people are not only pleased with their tie dye creation, they are also quite pleased with themselves.
Now in the fourth year of Tie Dye Express I am becoming the sole owner of TDE. Bill is getting into a side business that will let him stay home, instead of traveling all over to spend hours setting up at every show. Each to his own, I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment!! The real reason I'll keep on keeping on is that I just love to see people having so much fun, making their own fashions and being proud of themselves. Besides, its a much more fun gig than finishing drywall!
All of that is what has brought me to this point in life. My own web site, the new American Dream!! Having read all this mostly useless information, I hope you'll stick around long enough to browse through the store as well. All of the pieces you see are hand made, one at a time by a genuine hippy-Me! And every piece you buy helps bring me one small step closer to giving up my former life as a soon to be worn out construction worker, so thank you from the bottom of my shoulder! (I just had it fixed!)
So surf on, I hope you enjoy the site. It was created for me by my sweet-heart, Tie Dye Queen. Contact her at the webmama links if you like. Thanks to everyone, and tie dye for all!!!

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